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The Dark Crystal

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$11.00 - 63.00

9-12, 12+

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After two forays into family friendly, bubbly, and light Muppet movie territory, Jim Henson and his life-long creative partner, Frank Oz (Henson and Oz supposedly modeled Sesame Street’s Burt and Ernie after their own friendship dynamic) surprised the world with a Lord of the Rings like muppet creature movie The Dark Crystal (now getting a bit of a resurgent nod with a new Netflix series).

The Dark Crystal really shows the world what muppet technology could do when paired with wild imagination and technical skill. We see all kinds of muppet creations here from the hand-operated muppets we have grown accustomed to, to humans in full body muppet costumes, to muppets of such size and scope that multiple puppeteers had to control different parts.

But like all engaging movies, the puppetry is simply put at the service of a fascinating story of two Gelflings (almost a mix between Hobbits and Elis) who go on an epic journey to find a way to save the good beings of their age from the evil and greedy Skeksis who use a dark crystal to suck the souls out of the good.

The Dark Crystal takes the Star Wars approach of “a long time ago in a galaxy far far away” to transport us to a world of wonder. And because this is pre-computer generated effects, everything is HAND MADE and REAL.

A feast for the eyes and the senses while still offering up an inventive emotionally engaging story of good and evil, The Dark Crystal is a movie
for kids 8 years and older and their families. There are some scenes that are just scary and dark enough to earn the movie its PG rating.

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Duration: 1-2 Hours
Credit Cards: Yes
Location: Indoor
Concessions: Yes
Restrooms: Plenty
Parking: Plenty

   Vista Theatre   4473 Sunset Dr   Los Angeles, CA 90027