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Nothin But Sand Beach Clean up

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6-8, 9-12

What’s Happening:

We provide the supplies, all you need to do is register, sign a waiver,
and show up!


* Each volunteer registers individually unless they are with a youth
group or family
* Individuals under 18: Reserve a ticket and bring a signed waiver form to the

Sign a Waiver

* Individuals over 18 and Families sign a virtual waiver through
Eventbrite (when reserving a ticket)
* Group and Individuals Under 18 must bring a signed waiver form to the
* Service hour forms will be signed by the beach captain at the end of
the cleanup. Please do this the day of the cleanup as we cannot
verify service hours after the event

Show Up

* Help us make Nothin’ But Sand a zero-waste event by bringing your own
buckets, garden gloves, and a reusable water bottle
* Be prepared to be outside for 2-3 hours. Beach weather can be
unpredictable, so we recommend dressing in layers. Water is available
at all cleanups.

Note: Nothin’ But Sand is a rain or shine event. Cleanups are only
cancelled for lightning or thunderstorms. We will still hold the cleanup in
light and steady rain.

+ More Info

Duration: 1-2 Hours
Crowds: Large
Location: Outdoor
Restrooms: Average
Parking: Average

   Toes Beach   6935 S Trolley Place   Playa del Rey, CA 90293