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Celebrate President’s Day

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Price: $10.50 – $13.75
Ideal Age: 2-6
Schedule: 11:00am-5:00pm

What’s Happening:

Celebrate America’s past presidents at Pretend City for President’s Day!
Enjoy a little patriotic adventure through the city while learning all
about the role of the President!

Time: Morning Activities: Sensational Story Time @ 11:30am

Afternoon Activities: Holiday History @ 3:30pm; Patriotic Parade @ 4:50pm

*Activity times may vary and are subject to change*

Can you name all of America’s past presidents?

If not, perhaps it’s time you and your family brushed up on your U.S.
history – and what better time than the annual celebration of Presidents’
Day? This year, turn the holiday into a fun and educational experience for
both you and your children. Enjoy a patriotic adventure at Pretend City
Children’s Museum to honor our presidents for their important
contributions. Families will also learn about the presidents job and what
it means to be a leader.

Activities throughout the day will include:

* Smart Art (Art Studio): President’s Day Masks
> Children will transform paper plates into our nation’s former
presidents for a fun take home craft.
* Sensational Story Time (11:30am): One Vote, Two Votes, I Vote, You
> The Cat in the Hat looks at how we vote, why we vote, and who we
vote for in a rhyming book that’s perfect for President’s Day
reading! In a simple rhyme, the Cat in the Hat introduces early
readers to the concept and practice of voting—with a focus on the
American presidency! Learn the basic principles of democracy and the
formation of political parties. We will also learn about Election Day
and what your vote means to America.
* Holiday History (3:30pm): If I Were President > During this activity,
young guests will learn about some of the presidents of our past and
about the office of president and the job duties of the president.
Children will then discuss what they would do if they were elected
president and make their own campaign poster to support that promise.
* Patriotic Parade (4:50pm): Today we will have a special patriotic

Grown-up Tip : Give your
child a chance to practice their voting skills at home by providing them 2
choices of what to wear for the day, have for a school snack, or what to
eat for dinner. The key to this is to only provide them a choice between 2
or 3 different options. Children feel empowered when they are given a
choice. This is even if you are the one who determines what items they are
choosing between.

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