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Why We’re Here

Quality time Dads, Moms, and Kids spend together could be better.

The Dad Gap

Today’s dads are way more active in their kids’ lives than in previous generations. They aspire to be better, more engaged parents than their fathers, but there aren’t many dad-specific resources to help them achieve that. There’s lots for moms and parents in general, but dads feel like those don’t speak to them.

The Mom Gap
No matter how much things change and how many more dads are involved, enlightened, and genuinely partnering with moms to raise the kids and cook the dinner, at the end of the day, society still manages to place a lot more pressure on moms than on dads. Moms are working full time too and running businesses too. But it’s moms who are often still also expected to plan the fun, make the meals, manage everyone’s calendars, and make sure everyone has clean clothes to wear. That’s why Dadventures wants to be there for moms as well. If we can help moms do fun stuff with their families without having to stress about the what-where-when-how much-which kid, then we’re doing something right.

The Kid Gap
Attending school, doing extracurricular activities, playing with friends, getting screen time, and having busy parents lead today’s kids to not getting as much quality time as they’d like with both their mom and dad. And when both parents are available, it’s easy for them to get distracted from being fully present.

Busy Lives
Long days at work, commuting, and weekends stacked with commitments and chores are normal. Before you know it, you there’s hardly any time left to spent connecting with your family.

Strengthening Family Connections Through Experiences
When Dads, Moms, and Kids spend quality time together enjoying experiences, all of them reap benefits, including personal growth, stronger relationships, and deeper meaning. These benefits affect all participants both now and into the future.

Curation & Recommendations
We dig through tons of event listings to bring you the very best across LA. We share hand-picked recommendations via our, Website,  Weekly Newsletter, and regularly-updated Events Calendar. We feature classic car shows, dinosaur exhibits, holiday train rides, monster truck rallies, and more.

What We Do

We help parents find and enjoy great experiences with their kids. 

Free Events – Each month we highlight the best free events happening across LA, so you can have fun without breaking your budget.

Today’s Pick – Daily recommendation of the top event happening in town. 

Weekend Guides – Top 10 things to do with your kids each weekend.

Age Guides – How old your kids are has a big impact on what they can and want to do, so we offer recommendations based on specific age groups (0-2, 3-5, 6-8, 9-12).

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​Steve & Devon

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The Team

Steven Dypiangco

Steve Dypiangco


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  • Favorite Movie Dad: Don Corleone (The Godfather)
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Devon George

Devon George


  • Father of 2 (boys)
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